The CTA will be offering the opportunity to locate retail operations throughout the CTA’s extensive bus and rail system. Locations available will include inside both train and bus stations.

Current offerings
The following list displays the locations of opportunities that are currently available. Click here to download information for current offerings.

Line Station Address Info Sheet RFP Materials Building Size
N/A CTA Headquarters Building 567 West Lake Street Download N/A 2177 RSF
Blue Jefferson Park 4917 North Milwaukee Avenue Download N/A 240 RSF
Green Halsted/63rd 6321 South Halsted Street Download N/A 1144 RSF
N/A CTA Headquarters Building 567 West Lake Street Download N/A 5615 RSF

How to Apply
Please download and complete the following required documents:
  1. Leasing Application
  2. Disclosure of Ownership Affidavit
  3. Lobbying Certification
Feel free to attach additional information as necessary to complete your application. Once all of the required documents have been completed, please forward via mail or fax to:

Lauren Smith
Jones Lang LaSalle
200 E. Randolph Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312-228-2212
Fax: 312-470-3661

Please also find below for your reference the CTA's DBE Requirements as well as a Sample Retail Lease Agreement.
DBE Requirements
Sample Retail Lease Agreement

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